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The art of glorious massage copy

November 5, 2017


The art of glorious massage copy begins with the essentials: who, why, and what/how -- in that order more or less. The words you use and the creative that illuminates them reflect your unique style. Just like good massage, good copywriting is structured around the basics and embellished with personal flourishes so it stands out.

Now let’s look at the structural elements that you have to include in your sales copy.

1 - WHO

You want to explain who you help so that readers think to themselves, “This is me!” or “This isn’t me.” What sorts of problems have they got? Are they athletic types with occasional injuries? Do they work during the weekdays and need massage on the weekends? Are they naturalists who prefer massage in the buff? Dig deep into the profile of your clients. Deeper! Figure out who your people are. Not just socioeconomic markers, but what’s important to them. Who are they in terms of the problem that you help them solve within their own lives?

2 - WHY

Once people have had the “this is me” realization, the next question you need to help them answer becomes, “Why this and not that?” You’re this, and every other possibility within their grasp is that.  Why does it matter that they choose to seek help from you for the problem in their lives? You can compare, contrast and elaborate on your vision, values and perspective.Just keep the focus on answering the question your readers are asking, “Why this and not something else?”


Once readers have discovered, "This is me, and it sounds amazing!" You need to answer their final question, "How does this work?" That's where you get into all the details of what you offer. What days and times, for how long, what services and special features are available? Don't be boring for the love of all that's holy! If your readers have made it this far, you don't want to lose them now with a bland services list. What you do,and how you do it - and how you describe it - should inspire the imagination of your readers. In order to write about something, of course you have to craft an experience that impresses! Derek Halpern calls this the WOW! Factor - the amazing experience - the shiny rainbow that not only meets but exceeds all expectations. Your copy isn't about selling a bag of rocks and calling it diamonds. It's about showing off the for-real sparkly pot of gold!


In terms of copywriting - I'm no professional. I do my own copywriting because it's fun and a great creative outlet. Paying a professional to help move things along when I'm stumped is occasionally necessary and I'm not embarrassed to admit it. But here's the thing - writing my message helps me understand myself and my clients better. It's not just a means to an end, it's a process unto itself.

That's why this month I'm throwing a party. Well, not a party exactly, but a workshop. For three days we're going to focus entirely on copywriting to evolve your website. This is all about "What I do and who I help" - essentials your readers want to know. We'll stick to the who, why and what/how and explore more interesting and engaging ways to answer your readers' burning questions. In the end, you'll have better copy, and *fingers crossed* more people excited to schedule with you.


Want to join? Check out the details by clicking this link to the Workshops page. Sign up is FREE for this three day sneak peak into the Marketing for Massage Visionaries mentoring program mega lesson on copywriting.


Workshop page link:


And of course, don't forget to join our Facebook group, Massage Practice Mentor.















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