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PIP Claims can make or break your massage practice

April 18, 2017



When I first opened my own practice I thought I knew it all. I'd just left a successful employment position at a busy chiropractor's office. There, I'd been booked out providing treatment for people with all sorts of complicated injuries. I spent a lot of time in the office, learning about claims and billing. Really thought I knew it all.


Oh, hubris, how it humbles us.


Within just a few months I was swimming in uncollectible receivables. That's accounting talk for I wasn't getting paid. And it was a lot of money. We’re talking a couple thousand dollars.


So I panicked. I threw myself into researching and learning everything I could about personal injury billing and medical massage. It took a while to figure out where I’d gone off course, and how I'd almost sunk my business.


Once I got a system in place, it was smooth sailing. Learning my lessons the hard way sure cost a lot of money, time and stress. It wasn’t the smartest way to go about entering the realm of personal injury claim billing, but it’s sure paying off now.


I learned that personal injury claims could sink my business, or give me the practice I'd always wanted.


Personal injury claims allow me to work with people who need a caring hand and safe space to recover from the trauma of their accidents. It’s deeply rewarding on the heart and soul level.


Also, when done correctly, PIP claims are financially rewarding. Unlike working with major medical, they're predictable. Unlike major medical, there are no contracts that force us to accept a rate that’s less than half of what we actually charge.


There’s a sense of balanced karma when my client gets the healing they need, and I get paid what my work is worth.


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