Washington, USA



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Hi, I'm Rachael

I wasn't happy working for someone else so

I started my own practice and never looked back.

Now I guide other massage therapists on the path.

I used to be where you are now: right on the brink of making the biggest and most difficult decision of my life.

I thought, What if I fail? What if I build it and they don't come?


Despite having a bachelor's degree in business (or maybe because of having it) I worried about all the things that could go wrong. Even though my concerns were reasonable, I knew that continuing to stay stuck working away at someone else' business for someone else' dream wasn't enough.

My inner creative drive propelled me to rise up and conquer every obstacle. With a strong strategic plan, and all the right tools and support I launched my company: Rachael Scott Holistic Bodywork. Just like I'd dreamed and planned, it took off and I've had my ideal practice going strong for several years.

Now I'm passing along the knowledge of skills you need to start and grow a successful massage practice to my fellow therapists who are not satisfied with anything less than living their dreams.

I created this website as a gateway for professionals to learn and develop essential business skills to build profitable solo massage practices.

I also host a Facebook group, which is open to all who want to inspire and collaborate with like minded colleagues.

You're invited to become a member and check out all the content here for just $8/month. Get unlimited access to all content, and cancel whenever you're ready to move on to the next phase.